The Karmapa Foundation Möhra

The Karmapa Foundation Möhra was founded in 2009 with the goal to make the teachings of the Buddha accessible to everyone and to enable people to shape their lives according to Buddhist principles. The Wohnprojekt Möhra exemplifies precisely this aspiration. The spiritual director of the Karmapa Foundation Möhra is the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Thaye Dorje.

The Karmapa Foundation Möhra will take an important role in the Wohnprojekt Möhra. The foundation will provide housing units for monastics, fund the building of the community center, and establish services like end-of-life care and support for the elderly. Gradually, the foundation will become more publicly active by encouraging dialog between the advocates of Buddhist and Western culture and religion. Also of primary importance would be the advancement of Buddhist arts and science as well as support for people who practice, study and pass on Buddhist teachings and ethics. In this way, the Karmapa Foundation Möhra contributes considerably to helping the Buddhist teachings remaining authentic and alive.

The Karmapa Foundation is a non-profit organization administered in Möhra by the trust Karmapa-Stiftung Möhra e.V. The foundation can accept two types of donation: The first way is through endowment contributions that increase the initial capital of the foundation, this money is then invested profitably. With this income the foundation finances projects such as housing units for monastics and the construction of the community center, etc. The other way is by direct donation to the foundation without specification. In this case, the foundation can use the money to directly fund its projects. In both cases the donator receives a valid tax receipt.

Another way to support the foundation is with an interest-free loan to be used in alignment with the aims of the foundation.

GLS Loan and Donate Association.

Karmapa Foundation Möhra is linked with a bank, unique in Germany, that has a strong ethical philosophy and a special loan structure for projects with resonant values. The GLS Loan and Donate Association is a way to gather together a large amount of funds from many small donations.

Within the structure of the GLS, individual donors--with limited financial power, but with the wish to make the Wohnprojekt Möhra possible--take out small loans. The total of all small loans results in the amount that the GLS pays as the total credit to the Wohnprojekt Möhra. For an amount of 300,000 Euro, for example, 100 small loans of 3,000 Euro would be necessary.

The GLS as a cooperative bank does not make any profit, and it only charges its expenses which means that the “interest” is considerably beneath the ordinary interest rate of most banks. In addition, there is another advantage for the Loan and Donate Association members: The monthly loan payments go via the foundation, so the yearly total can be certified as a tax write-off.

If you wish to support the community centre and/or housing for monastics, please refer to the contact person for the foundation.

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