Spiritual Approach

The idea for realising the Wohnprojekt Möhra came from a group of people who have been following a spiritual path for many years and are frequent participants in the programs and seminars at the Möhra Dharma Center.

The Möhra Dharma Center is a place for Buddhist studies and meditation. The teaching of the Buddha – the path of awakening – is taught according to the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibet. Under the auspices of Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje, the 17th Karmapa, the center opened its doors in 2006. Since then, it has offered a rich program of study in the traditional teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni as well as practical advice and training for handling the thoughts and emotions present in daily life. Qualified Western and Tibetan teachers hold regular lectures and special seminars that are attended by a regional and international audience.

Since the opening of the center, more and more people have moved into the vicinity, precipitating the wish to establish a collective living project. Residing near a spiritual community facilitates the integration of a regular meditation practice into one’s daily routine and provides many opportunities for learning.

In the Wohnprojekt Möhra, monastics and laypeople live together in a community setting and cultivate a spiritual exchange in every day life. The topics and applied methods of practice being taught at the Möhra Dharma Center are helpful to those seeking to gain a deeper understanding and experience of their own studies and meditation. Vice versa, residents of the Wohnprojekt play a creative role and share in the long-term activity and stability of the dharma center, thereby ensuring the vitality of spiritual life in the future.

“If we want to bring about benefit to beings, we need Dharma which is alive and really applied. For this, a community is required whose way of living together guarantees the transmission of Dharma and assures that it is kept alive.”

Gendun Rinpoche

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