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Karmapa Foundation Möhra

The Karmapa Foundation Möhra was founded in 2009 with the purpose of providing individuals with the opportunity of unfolding their qualities for the benefit of society and all sentient beings according to the Buddhist teachings and ethics. The spiritual head of the Karmapa Foundation Möhra is the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje.
According to its founding principles, the Karmapa Foundation Möhra promotes the Buddhist teachings and aids in implementing them publicly in an effective manner. With its activities it supports individuals who practice, study and transmit the Buddhist teachings and ethics, and it seeks to ensure that the latter remain alive and authentic. The activities of the Foundation also include support for the dialog between representatives of Buddhism and Western culture and religion as well as for Buddhist arts and sciences.
Since its beginning, the Karmapa Foundation Möhra has been active in the cross-generational Residential Project Möhra. With it the Karmapa Foundation Möhra seeks to provide structures and living space that ensure a living together according to spiritual principles and enable a culture of cooperation. Among other things, this includes:
• Creating space for the development of one's own qualities independent of age and social origins
• Putting joy into the center of one's life
• Guiding children and adolescents in discovering and shaping the world
• Providing companionship for persons in their old age and process of dying
• Encouraging giving and taking
• Providing individuals with the opportunity to recognize and develop their full potential
The member of the Foundation Council, Lama Yeshe Sangmo, explains: "With the Residential Project Möhra we would like to create a place of meeting that supports individuals in finding a way out of isolation and allows them to live a natural and appropriate life, encompassing also certain transitional phases. This includes in particular the phase at the end of one's life that is pointed toward dying but also the transitions at the beginning of life, as a teenager, at the middle of life — all the phases in which we need support and community. With this project we would like to create an open place, a place where all may come, where all may be helped."

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